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Self-Care - Resources

Finding out about a problem and what you could do about it;

What is it?


What Local services can I access (Directories)?


Minor illness

Need some advice about what you can do to help yourself?


Want to know more about your medicines? 
Your local pharmacist is an excellent source of advice on all aspects of prescribing. Data sheets on medicines are often alarming as they mention every possible side effect ! Pharmacists can help put this in context for you- especially if they know you and are familiar with your health related problems. The practice pharmacist may also be able assist you if your local pharmacist cannot.

For advice re safety of medicines in pregnancy


Long term diabetic or newly diagnosed diabetic and wanting more information about this very common problem?
General advice and information -
Foot care -

Healthy lifestyles

Advice and help with all aspects of healthy lifestyles; Diet, exercise, mental health; self referrals taken.



Healthy minds- psychology and other support

Do you have a recent or a long term mental health problem?
Self referral for non complex psychological assessment and support can be made to;

Or do you have a more long term mental health problem resulting in isolation or social disruption?
The following support people with more long term mental health problems in their mental health and wellbeing.

Drug or alcohol issues

For information or advice for yourself or a relative.

Musculoskeletal / Arthritis

Do you want some information about how to keep active and what exercises might help keep those joints stronger and in less pain?


Need to know where you can go with your young children for advice and support?



Questions about your children’s vaccinations?


Want to get a heads up on where you are travelling, whether you can expect problems and what you’ll need?

Sexual health

 Need sexual health advice?


Debt counselling, welfare, housing, immigration

Are you in debt and worried about how you are going to get out of it?




Are you one of the hidden group of people that care for people in their family or neighbourhood? Would you find it useful to have free advice and opportunity for care yourself?



Older People

Are you an older person and would like to get involved in more activities or become more empowered about your health or your community? (over 50)



…and see under healthy lifestyles above.


Do you or someone you know need help with dementia?

People with cancer

Do you need help and advice as someone with cancer or someone who knows a person with cancer?

Medical Certification

Want to know the rules on medical certificates?
You only need a doctor’s certificate if you are off for more than 7 days. Up to that time, you can give your employer a self-certificate. Download from here.

NHS Choices Health Tools

Self care and Symptom Checker Tool

Pharmacist – find local pharmacy

NHS Choices

NHS Healthy Start Vouchers               


BP/Heart disease/Stroke



Oxfordshire Diabetic Eye Screening Service

Family Planning + Sexual Health                

Childhood Vaccinations

Flu Clinics                                              

Phlebotomy, ECG, 24hr tape

Travel Advice/Vaccinations/Immunisations                        BHC Service – fees and charges

Minor Surgery and 
Wound care – post surgery, leg ulcer, lacerations
Hormone implants (Zoladex)
NHS Health Check

NHS Choices

NHS Screening Program               Role of BHC

AAA screening

Bowel Cancer Screening

Breast Cancer Screening

Cervical Screening

 Prostate Cancer Screening

Non-NHS Services and fees

Link to BHC Fees and Charges Leaflet

Smoking Cessation Clinic

Drugs and Alcohol Misuse

Sick certifications or Social Services Claims         Information on self certificates/sick certificates

Test results: information on when and how to obtain test results.

On-line services – including : change personal details; book or cancel appointment, request repeat prescription, obtain test results.

Statement of Intent

First Aid

Self-Care                             BHC self-care advice including the medicine chest!

Self-Care Fact Sheets.

NHS Symptom Checker

NHS Live Well

NHS Choices Winter Health Advice


List local pharmacies with address/

Other useful links:


Cancer support


Citizens Advice Bureau



Mental Health


Adult Social Care including Safe Guarding Adults

Child Social Care including Safe Guarding Children